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Face Skin Care Massager

  • Description:
  • SONIC MASSAGE: With advanced micro-current technology, high-frequency vibration of our facial massager brings a comfortable and relaxing massage experience to your skin, which can effectively improve your skin condition. Anti-aging, reduce wrinkles, improve puffiness & dark circles or spread eye cream. Facial massage roller helps improve moisture retention and rejuvenate cell production, your skin will tighten, which will make it glow.
  • HOT EFFECT (107.6°F):  This Rechargeable face massager featured with heat technology, can produce warm and improve absorption of beauty products. vibrating roller can activate blood circulation and help absorb nutrition more effectively. Hot effect helps open pores to clean the garbage, promote facial blood circulation, better absorb nutrients.
  • COLD EFFECT (42.8°F): Facial massager cool technology can soft sensitive skin and make skin feel cool and calm, this beauty device can ease and relieve pain. In addition, it can firm and tighten skin, shrink pores by massage skin muscle. It can shrink pores and introduce nutrients, making nutrients more easily absorbed.
  • EASY TO USE: LCD display shows every details of operating status so you can get facial skin care under control. YUSONG Hot & Cold Facial Massager has built-in automatic timer, automatically turn off after 5 minutes continuously vibration. The facial skin care wand is equipped with a USB data cable for fast charging. It can be charged through PC USB ports, power banks and mobile phone chargers without hassle.
  • MINI SIZE & PORTABLE: Easy to carry and care your skin anytime in anywhere. Pocket size, better skin care choice for travel. ergonomic design, suitable for every angle of face and neck massage. This facial machine is a great gift for Anniversary or Christmas, a Birthday Gift for mom or girlfriend and your best friend
  • Warm and Cooling feature

    • Warm Function
    1. Warming, makes people feel warm and comfortable, helps to relax muscles, relieve pain;
    2. Stimulate the blood circulation acceleration, open pores, help the skin to quickly absorb all kinds of skin care products .
    • Cooling Function
    1. It's a good help for shrink pores, lock moisture and reduce wrinkles.
    2. Can better tighten skin, reserve moisture, relieve skin fatigue, soothe the skin sense of tension.
  • How to daily use

    1. After cleansing face,do the massager mixed with facial essence in warm mode for 5 miutes,increase blood circulation and open pores
    2. Alternate hot and cold mode aroud 5-6 times for 2 miutes,according to lifting method to massager your face,Tightens and protects the skin.

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